Drowning in Debt?

Get afloat with debt settlement

Bankruptcy is a frightening word. But if your personal debt has become overwhelming—if you’re missing payments left and right, and creditors are hounding you daily—it may seem like the only option. Fortunately, there is another way. You can legally settle your debts for less than you owe and become debt-free in as little as one year, without filing for bankruptcy.

Debt settlement is not consolidation or counseling

There are some debt management services that offer counseling or consolidation. These methods typically involve combining the full amount of all your debt and making a single monthly payment—usually in the form of a loan from the consolidation company, which you’ll have to repay completely, with interest. If you’re truly struggling with debt, chances are your credit score is not in good shape, and you probably won’t qualify for a loan. Additionally, the financial hardship caused by your debt will continue, because you’ll still owe just as much money. Debt settlement involves negotiating with creditors to pay less than you owe, while still settling the debt for life.

What can debt settlement do for you?

Unlike bankruptcy, which involves complete non-payment and stays on your credit record for 10 years, debt settlement is a way to satisfy your debt with lower payments and reclaim solid financial footing. Debt settlement enables you to:

  • Reduce your total monthly payments
  • Minimize harassing calls from creditors and collection agencies
  • Slash your credit card debt by 40% to 70%
  • Get out of debt in 12 to 36 months
  • End the constant stress of massive debt, and start living again

If you’re overwhelmed by debt, you can take steps today and embark on the path toward financial stability. Contact us today to find out whether you qualify for a debt settlement program.

Who qualifies for debt settlement?

While not all debt can be discharged through a debt settlement program, there are many different types of debt that can be settled for far less than you owe:

  • Credit card debt and unsecured credit cards
  • Past-due medical bills
  • Gas or store charge cards
  • Personal loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Unsecured debt

Does your debt load qualify for a settlement program? Contact us today by submitting our convenient form, and one of our debt experts will get in touch with you to discuss your options. Stop struggling, and start living. You don’t have to resign yourself living with crushing debt. We believe that every responsible consumer deserves financial freedom. Our team will work with you to release you from the shackles of debt, so you can start enjoying life again.

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*Your individual results may vary. See explanation below.
*Your individual results may vary. See explanation below.

$5,873.03 Saved – His Greatest Christmas Gift

This Christmas a lot of gifts were exchanged. Our client sent us a “thank you” for what he described as his “greatest Christmas gift!” which was the $5,873.03 that we put in his pocket by negotiating his debt from $9,073.03 to $3,200.00! Our client was shocked that his credit card statement showed that making his minimum monthly payment of 2% on his balance due would take him 58 years to pay off equating to over $32,000.00 in interest! Appalled at the thought of being shackled for the next 58 years, our client picked up the phone and spoke to one of our debt specialists, putting him on the path to financial freedom.

51% Worth of Savings

Anna and her husband Ray saved 51% by selecting our debt specialist to settle their debts! For years Anna and Ray have been doing their best to be timely on their credit card payments, but as Ray’s health declined he had to cut back on the amount of hours he worked. This didn’t matter to creditors, but it mattered to us. Our debt specialists listened carefully to their situation and came up with a plan to tackle their debt. They are now experiencing the peace of mind they deserve, as we settled one of their accounts for about half of what they owed, saving them $474.00! Had they chosen the path to do nothing and not call, Anna and Ray could have easily been paying down this $924 debt for 12 years.

$31,000 Negotiated Down to $8,000!

$31,000 negotiated down to $8,000. Marilyn and her husband were doing everything possible to make ends meet, but each month they came up short making their accounts past due. Marilyn called us for debt relief, and that is just what she got! We negotiated her $31,000 debt down to $8,000 with her creditors. Within less than two years, our debt specialists saved her thousands of dollars in principal and interest that she would have been paying for decades.